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Tell us about your industry and a little about the current needs of your business and we will provide you with a FREE Search Report with ten (10) lenders providing the services you require with our top three (3) recommendations.  Its Absolutely FREE! 

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Business Funding Made Simple

For small and mid-size business owners seeking growth and working capital in today’s challenging economy, the IACFB’s Directory of American Factors and Lenders provides you with all the RIGHT tools you’ll need to locate the PERFECT lender for your financing needs every time.  Start now and locate your financing match for your company by the…

Although these IACFB “directories” are available to all business owners, more and more small business owners prefer to work with an IACFB  Certified IACFB Commercial Finance Consultant or Agent that is local to their area.  Use can use our directory to find…

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One of the most powerful methods of finance for B2B businesses


Unique small business lending solutions for today’s entrepreneurs and startups


Revolving Lines of Credit to finance accounts receivable and inventory


Providers of both equipment loans and leases for  all businesses

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One of the most powerful methods of finance for B2B businesses

Micro Loan

True term loan providers based on your business’s based on financials

Cash Advance

One of the most powerful methods of finance for B2B businesses

Payroll Finance

One of the most powerful methods of finance for B2B businesses


One of the most powerful methods of finance for B2B businesses

Export / Import

Seek finance lenders providing payment solutions for import-export business

Small Business
Term Loans

Secure short and medium term business loans for retail operations and more.

Purchase Order

Secure funds to pay for raw materials for orders  or off shore manufacturing 

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