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The IACFB Directory of American Factors and Lenders provides  ready sources of alternative commercial finance capital available for today’s entrepreneurs.  This unique directory is highly focused on “non-bank” alternative commercial finance options for those enterprises faced with today’s challenges economy.  

In addition to listing of factors and alternative lenders, this directory is managed by IACFB, the International Association of Commercial Finance Brokers.  As the premier training and support resource for today’s highly-trained “Certified Finance Consultants”, this directory provides you with a ready source of local business finance experts to assist you in accessing the growth and working capital you business needs and deserves. 

Factors and Lenders

Listing on the directories is free and complimentary for all factors and members of the alternative commercial finance industry.  

IACFB Consultants

All IACFB consultants, brokers, and sponsored agents are provided free and complimentary listing on the directory.  

Non-Member Consultants

Industry brokers and consultants can become listed in the directory once you have become an IACFB member.  You can become a “Certified IACFB member once you have passed at least one certification.  Find out more.