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The International Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (IACFB) Magazine is a highly valuable monthly resource designed specifically for independent factoring brokers within the commercial finance industry. This publication offers a wealth of information, insights, and resources tailored to empower and support professionals in the factoring and finance sector.

Educational Content: The magazine provides in-depth articles, features, and educational content covering various aspects of factoring and commercial finance. This includes industry trends, best practices, regulatory updates, and strategies to enhance broker skills and knowledge.

Insightful Interviews and Profiles: It often features interviews with industry experts, successful brokers, and thought leaders, offering readers valuable insights into the strategies and practices that have propelled their success. Profiles of successful brokers can serve as inspiring examples for others in the field.

Lender Company Showcases:  IACFB provides approved lenders a venue where they can author detailed “Company Showcases” to provide industry brokers, sources of referral, and other industry lenders with detailed information about their company and preferred client profiles.  Lenders use Company Showcases to provide downloadable Broker’s Agreements, Commission Rates, Client Profile Preferences, industries they will or will not consider financing, additional direct contact information for BDOs, active sales contest and promotion details, and more.

Market Analysis and Trends: IACFB Magazine includes regular market analysis, highlighting trends, opportunities, and challenges within the commercial finance sector. This assists brokers in staying informed about shifts in the market and making informed decisions.

Case Studies: Real-world case studies illustrate successful deal structures, negotiations, and problem-solving strategies. These case studies offer practical insights into complex transactions and how brokers can navigate various scenarios.

Networking Opportunities: The magazine often features information about upcoming industry events, conferences, and networking opportunities. This fosters professional growth and enables brokers to expand their networks and connect with potential clients and partners.

Tips and Advice: Regular tips and advice columns provide practical guidance on marketing strategies, client management, deal structuring, and other aspects of the factoring business. These tips are often based on the experiences of seasoned professionals.

Resource Reviews: Reviews of books, software, tools, and other resources relevant to the factoring industry help brokers make informed decisions about the tools and materials they use to enhance their operations and services.

Overall, the IACFB Magazine serves as an indispensable resource for independent factoring brokers, merchant cash ISOs, professional commercial finance consultants, and others engaged in our industry with a comprehensive source of knowledge, inspiration, and guidance to support their ongoing success and growth within the commercial finance industry.


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