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Factors and Lenders Basic Listing Guidelines

The Directory of American Factors and Lenders is a free and complimentary database of factors and alternative commercial finance lenders used by members of the IACFB (International Association of Commercial Finance Brokers.  Lenders seeking to build relationships with independent brokers and consultants are welcome to request your free listing.  For listing, you are only required to:

  • LENDING SOURCE:  You must be a principal lending source and…
  • COMMISSION / FEE PROGRAM:  You must have an active broker program that pays commissions, referral fees, or an affiliate program to our members.

The online directory provides a complimentary and free listing based upon information from your company website and it’s contact information.  If you see a listing for your business and would like to update that listing, simply click the button below. 

Industry Brokers and Consultants

In addition to the important listings of industry financing resources for finance-seeking business owners, the Directory of American Factors and Lenders also provides all IACFB industry brokers, consultants, and agents with a powerful and essential database of lenders by categories and services.  The directory is an “open resource” of financing and business owners can now locate important LOCAL brokers and consultants to assist them when seeking the right type of financing required and available to address their capital needs. 

To create your listing as an industry broker or consultant, you must only:

  • Set up a FREE Directory Account
  • Must have an active  business website for contact

Consultants and Brokers completing:

  • “Certified Status” fields
  • “Preferred Industries” fields
  • “Gallery” fields

must be IACFB members.  After taking and passing any of the Class Marker Certification exams, we will automatically update your directories listing.