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Business owners in today’s challenging economy can use all the help they can get o locate ready sources of growth and working capital.  Banks are not lending and that is a statistic that will not likely change in the near future.

The factors and lenders database, administered by the International Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (IACFB), provides today’s entrepreneurs with a ready source of the startup, growth, and working capital required to successfully navigate financing and the many non-bank alternative finance options.  The directories are “SEARCHABLE” and categorized to assist you find the perfect lender for you business type.  Whether you operate your business as a B2B, providing services to other businesses…or operate B2C focusing on the various opportunities selling to consumers, the IACFB directories can provide you with not only the best “match” for you current capital needs, but also a “certified” local broker or consultant to assist you in your efforts.

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Standard Lender Listings

  • Most lender listings in the directories are the result of IACFB research staff.  Listing data is taken directly from your company website.  If you are a lender in need of listing that is not already in our database, you can “Add Your Listing” and we will review and process it for you.
  • Once listed, you will be notified and you can then “modify” your listing as necessary
  • Listing business “DESCRIPTION” is limited to 1,000 characters.
  • Business owners in need of capital will search you based on their business type.  All listings contain “PREFERRED” industries you historically finance.  We provide up to twelve (12)
  • Your listing also contains a “NICHE” area.  These a method of finance or a difficult industry to finance that will set you apart.
  • Your listing also includes an option for “Company Showcase”.  This is your option to include a complete online article about your finance company and it’s capabilities at the IACFB Magazine.  While “Showcases” are predominantly used to build broker and consultant networks, we have more and more business owners as visitors at the magazine each and every day.

Broker / Consultant Listings

  • With the NEW searchable directories from the IACFB Academy now available, industry brokers have a new opportunity for marketing and to list their consultancy.
  • All listed brokers and consultants must have valid contact information and an operational website with DOMAIN. 
  • Brokers, Agents, and Consultants should FIRST submit an “Add Your Listing”.  Once received, we will review your listing and direct you to IACFB for your approved membership.
  • All listed brokers are IACFB members.  Brokers, Agents, and business finance consultants are listed as “credentialed” to assist them with marketing:
    • IACFB CERTIFIED:  Those consultants who have taken and passed one of the IACFB ClassMarker certification exams at IACFB Academy
    • TRAINING FACILITY CERTIFED:  Those active in the industry that are experienced or trained as a result of another recognized training facility by IACFB.