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Finding an IACFB Broker or Consultant

One of the best ways is to search your city or surrounding area for an IACFB broker, consultant, or agent close to you.

How to Find Your IACFB Financing Partner

One of the primary benefits of working with IACFB is that you will often be working with a LOCAL partner that can meet with you personally to discuss your business financing needs. 

To choose the right IACFB finance consultant available to you, simply use the SEARCH BAR above and define your search by your STATE to display those brokers, consultants, and agents near you.  

IACFB Commercial
Finance Consultants

IACFB Commercial Finance Consultants (CFCs) provide business owners with a powerful resource when seeking needed financing.  CFCs are experts in factoring, asset-based lending, and many other areas of small business finance.  Virtually all are “Certified” IACFB graduates of the prestigious  IACFB Academy.

IACFB Freelance
Factoring Brokers

IACFB Freelance Factoring Brokers are highly skilled small business finance experts in the commercial factoring product.  They often work closely with specialized factors and have the expertise to find solutions to the cash flow problems of your business when the banks say NO!

IACFB Sponsored

When working with an IACFB Sponsored Agent, you will be working with a “team”.  All sponsored agents work directly with “Certified Consultants” to provide you with IACFB financing expertise while working with you directly in your location. 

IACFB Cash Flow

While IACFB Cash Flow Consultants are experts in Consumer finance solutions such as mortgage and business notes, they are also highly trained in factoring and many other areas of business finance as well.  In fact, many IACFB finance certifications.