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EBSC-Lending LLC is a fast-growing private lender offering customized lending solutions for real estate investors and developers. Our team has decades of lending experience and we’re here to help you through every stage of your project. We are comprised of experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated professionals with expertise in every area of private and institutional real estate financing. Since its founding in 2021, EBSC Lending has originated more than $1 billion in loans, funded over 136 projects, and lends in all 50 states. We execute consistently, quickly and effectively. We provide investment property loans when you need them. We have earned a reputation within the industry for our integrity, creativity, and discipline.

EBSC Lending LLC is a premier financial partner with extensive expertise in investment solutions. With a strong track record, we offer asset-based lending for both commercial and residential real estate projects. Count on us to provide tailored financial support for your ventures and investment aspirations. We provide customized lending solutions for real estate investors and developers. We offer an unmatched combination of agility, reliability, fiduciary rigor & personal touch. EBSC Lending LLC Provides Creative And Efficient Real Estate And Asset Lending, Nationwide.



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