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Oct 08
How Bookkeepers Can Monetize Their Factoring Expertise

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business, especially startups and early-stage ventures. These businesses often find themselves in a precarious situation where they need to manage their day-to-day operational expenses while awaiting payment from customers.  Delayed payments from clients can lead to cash flow gaps, hindering the ability to cover essential expenses such as […]

Sep 21
The Power of Factoring in DIP Deals

For those factoring brokers and consultants following the latest economic news, you were served with the news that several large, recognizable companies (with hundreds or thousands of workers) have filed for bankruptcy protection including Bed Bath & Beyond and Vice Media. May’s bankruptcies did not slow down either when just the past week saw eight […]

Sep 21
Service Providers: How Factoring Helps You Compete for New Business

Worldwide, accounts receivable factoring is one of the most common utilized solutions for problems of cash flow as a result of slow paying customers.  For most business owners, it is employ when the cash flow problem presents itself.  For more aggressive owners actively seeking more business and larger accounts, factoring, is also one of the […]