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Infusion Funding LLC provides alternative financing for small business through accounts receivable factoring and purchase order funding. These methods of financing are time tested and readily available. They allow you to keep up with your business growth by providing you the working capital to fill new orders, buy equipment, hire personnel, pay bills, to expand, etc. They offer the flexibility and speed to provide an immediate source of working capital that you can’t get from traditional financing sources Infusion Funding LLC offers the best choice of cash flow solutions available at the lowest cost. Utilizing our experience and alliances we are able to quickly deliver financing solutions that best fit your company's specific needs. We look at each client's situation uniquely and quickly propose to you the funding solution with the best fit and best pricing no matter what industry and which type of funding. The principals of Infusion Funding LLC have many years experience in operations, marketing and sales providing financial solutions to dozens of businesses. In addition, we are backed by a select group of carefully screened funding companies that specialize by industry and by financial products for small businesses. We quickly provide our clients with the most flexible financing solution at lowest cost to meet their cash flow needs whether it is to finance one transaction or to provide a comprehensive end to end ongoing cash flow solution.

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