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Your business is expanding but could you grow faster and easier with more working capital? Whether you are concerned about paying for inventory, employee payroll, or bills, it is hard to support increased demand without the necessary working capital.

Traditional bank financing does not work well for companies experiencing fast growth. This is largely a result of analyzing past business results to determine future credit worthiness. Oxygen Funding uses a very different evaluation process which allows us to approve and grow in step with our growing clients.

For over 13 years, Oxygen Funding as a direct lender and companies like yours have partnered to support business growth. Many of our clients graduate over time to traditional bank financing when their business and growth rates can qualify.

We invest in your success. We have many friends who provide all kinds of services to businesses. We will match you to a qualified and vetted professional as needed (CFO, CPA, attorney, marketing, etc).

We watch out for your business so you can focus on your customers!

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