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At Hamilton, we understand the challenges of a growing business because we've done it ourselves.

In early 1994, we leveraged our experiences in the banking industry, and expertise in the alternative financing market, to start Hamilton. Our vision was to offer emerging businesses a better way to finance their growth. We wanted to provide capital in a way that made sense while providing flexibility to expand with growing business needs.

We modeled our finance programs around a factoring solution because it offered an ideal framework for cultivating programs that were cost-competitive, easy-to-attain, and straightforward. More importantly, we knew our solutions would meet the specific capital needs of high-growth businesses in search of alternative financing.

In short order, we realized how desperately our products were needed. We initiated a long-term growth plan that encompassed three major ingredients: hard work, innovation, and vision. Today, over two decades later, we are an industry leader on a national scale. We are headquartered in Syracuse, New York, and have regional offices elsewhere. To date, we have funded countless businesses, and provided nearly $1 billion in timely financing.

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