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At JOBE Services Inc., we specialize in helping our business clients achieve financial freedom from cash flow issues. Slow payments and other credit issues from customers can restrict business growth. Our job is to give our business clients access to working capital that they can invest back in their company by buying their invoices. JOBE Services Inc. offers accounts receivable factoring for small to mid-size businesses in a variety of industries throughout Texas and neighboring states.

Are you new to invoice factoring? The concept of factoring is simple. A factoring company buys invoices for a discounted value. The factoring company then processes and collects the funds for the purchased invoices from the customer. Businesses use factoring to improve their cash flow instead of waiting for payments that could take 30 to 90 days or more to come in. At JOBE Services Inc., we have been buying invoices and managing accounts receivable for our clients since 1996, building an excellent reputation for our integrity and transparent business practices.

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