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For more than a century, Oxford Bank has been supporting the people and businesses that help our communities thrive. That legacy continues with the launch of its new business financing division: Oxford Commercial Finance (OCF).

Established in 2023, OCF brings together a specialized team of highly experienced business financing experts to provide flexible, high-quality working capital solutions to small and mid-sized businesses nationwide.

Our team’s unique focus and expertise allows us to look beyond conventional financing considerations to identify and understand the unique strengths and potential of each and every client we work with. Based on this, we can work with you to create highly flexible and innovative financing solutions that are tailored to the specific needs and goals of your business. Plus, our streamlined structure means we can respond far more quickly than traditional lenders, so you can access critical funds sooner and start putting them to work for your business.

At OCF, our goal is to build strong and lasting relationships that grow with your success. It’s why we’re committed to continually earning your trust and confidence as a reliable financial resource and trusted partner.

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